Thursday, 9 April 2009

• AM Mayhem •

Last 2 days I was listening to Am Mayhem at 98.7fm with miss vendetta,mr young n danial ong as d deejay. so they were talking and giving information bout weird bachelor degree around the world, the 1st one is Bachelor Degree in Social Networking, so this is like a degree for those who are so addicted and really into Myspace or Facebook stuff. so dats means, spending all day infront of your pc playing with Myspace or facebook doesnt really wasting time at all guys, coz u still can get a degree for that.wOo amazing right? haha but i forgot which uni that offered this degree. they also named several other degrees such as a Bachelor Degree in Water Surfing , Bachelor Degree in JeDi (as in the starwars character) , crazy huh? all this while i just thought that the name of Bachelor Degree in Nuclear Science is kinda weird, but now i dont. haha  :roll:

And muttons are giving away "Taken" tickets...if u let them kidnap one of your precious things in life. will u let them? hahaha :lol:


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