Saturday, 20 December 2008

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Hari ni panas gile.aku tak kuar umah pun.malas.lagi pun da nak naik sem nak spend last few days ni kat umah je. smalam punyer smalam.last 2 days la kan. kak nora da tagged aku.hhuhu tapi sbb smalam pun aku malas. *aku ni malas je* so aku buat la arini.

♦Do you think u're hot?


Upload your fav pic(s) of you.

What do you like about that pictures.

no reason

When was the last time u ate pizza?

2 days ago at my mom's cafe

The last song u listen to?

Eric Clapton - wonderful tonight

What r u doing rite now beside this?

gossiping with my sister. haha

What name would you prefer besides yours?

mikhael. bley?

People I Tag :

No one, so dat i dont have to answer questions number 8 to 13. hahaa maybe i will tagged my sister.but then she doesnt have a blog. so skip-skip. :razz:

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